Why EID is needed?Some brands want to give Free samples to only UAE residents. So EID is needed to verify the account and ensure it is owned by the residents only. We also need to validate the account to ensure the users don't create multiple accounts.

How much time does it take to verify the account?Generally takes about 3-5 Working days

I don't want. to give my EID, Can I still order?Yes, you can certainly place an order without EID. Just that reserved products would not be available for your profile.

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Dr. Beckmann color and dirt collector sheets mean you can wash colors with confidence, say goodbye to color runs and hello to brighter colors for much longer. This ingenious little sheet is perfect for those 'what if' moments of washing, when you have a colorful dress or striped t-shirt that you just don't know what to wash it with. By popping a color and dirt collector sheet in your wash you don't have to worry, your lovely flowery dress or your red and white rugby shirt will come out the same as it went in, along with all the other clothes in the wash. Dr. Beckmann color and dirt collector sheets collect all the stray dirt and dye in the wash making sure none of it sticks back onto your clothes leaving them looking dull. Whether you use one of the magical sheets in every wash or just with your favorite garments, they are an absolute must have for the keeping your colors brighter for longer. The practical color collection towels from Dr. Beckmann offer many advantages. The first one is discoloration protection they quickly absorb bleeding colors from the detergent solution and immediately bind them. Through this, all garments will be protected against discolorations, even partially white textiles.

Place a colour & dirt collector sheet at the back of your washing machine then load the clothes, adding detergent as normal. Loose colour & dirt will be collected and locked on to the sheet during the wash cycle - at any temperature. Simply remove the sheet at the end of the wash and throw away. You can see the transferred colour & dirt locked on the sheet.