D-Protin is a specialized nutritional supplement that enhances the nutritive value in restricted diet. D-Protin serves as a diet regulator, which can be used as a snack between meals to assist effective glucose control.

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D-PROTIN - Diabetic Protein Supplement specially designed for adults with diabetes & pre-diabetes. Scientifically formulated to provide excellent glucose control, by slow release of energy for all day sustenance. Contains high quality soy protein to support muscle mass along with 28 essential vitamins and minerals. High in MUFA (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids) and low in Saturated fats aids in better heart health. Gluten free, Sugar free, Trans fat free

All essential nutrients
Gradually add three level scoops (30 g) of B-Protin powder to about 100 mL of previously boiled and cooled water or milk Stir well till completely dissolved Can once opened, should be covered and kept under cool and dry condition