• What is Hamples?
    • Hamples is derived from Happy Samples. It is a Digital Sampling Platform which uses AI based technology to match the right samples with the right set of consumers. Direct to consumer, digital sampling solution to overcome the challenges of traditional offline sampling.

  • How can I get Samples?
    • Simply register here now to start enjoying your free and paid samples. If you are already registered, then just login to view available samples.

      Go ahead, select the samples you want to experience free or paid samples.

  • I don't have Emirates ID, can I still Register?
    • Emirates ID is not mandatory for one to register but more information you provide, more Free samples get matched to your profile. 

      * We want every user to get as many free samples and also ensure that the brands get value from the same.

  • Do I need to pay anything to get Samples?
    • Not all Samples will be free. Some samples would be paid trial packs or services or experience.

      If you select a paid pack, you will have to pay for the same but if you select any free sample, it would be absolutely free.

      You might have to pay the shipping fee in case of Physical Products to get them delivered at your doorsteps.

  • Is there any Subscription Fee?
    • No, it's 100% free to register and enjoy a lot of free samples. You will pay only if you choose paid samples and shipping fee (if and when applicable).

  • Why I cannot see any Free Samples?
    • We’re sorry about that. 

      The brands we work with reserve their free samples for certain profiles based on the user demographic & profile. Most Paid samples are available for everyone to buy and experience.

      But don’t worry, we have new samples coming in each month so log in and try again any time!

      Additionally only logged-in users will get to see the samples. Do you want to share more about yourself with us. It can help you see more matching samples.

  • How often & How Many Samples can I get?
    • There is NO limit to the number of different samples one can claim. Go ahead and take as many samples from your favorite brands.

      Since we have limited quantities of each sample & we want everyone to get to experience the samples. One user can enjoy One Unit per Sample unless the brand offering the sample wants and allows a user to take more than one unit.

  • Can I create multiple accounts?
    • We love your spirit. Let us know if you are able to do so :-)…we would like to learn from you!

      The platform is designed in a way that allows only one user account. In case of duplication, all duplicate accounts would be automatically suspended.

  • Where are my Samples?
    • If you have already placed the order then you should receive the shipment within 3-5 working days. 

      You can track the shipment using Tracking Number, which you would have received on your registered Mobile & Email.

      Our standard shipping should reach you with 3-5 working days.

  • How can I edit my Age & Gender?
    • Oh! Some details cannot be changed by the user after the account has been created. This is to avoid misusage of the system.

  • How can I return the samples or the products?
    • We understand that not every product matches everyone's tastes and preferences. Since these are free samples or trial packs, these cannot be returned. Please read our Return & Refund Policy

      If you didn't like the samples, you can simply discard the product and not use it. Also please share your review with the brand and with Hamples.

  • How can I see my Credit Wallet Balance?
    • Simply log in to your account and click on the wallet tab. It has the summary of the wallet. You will get to see your current wallet balance.

  • What is this option of "Collect from Nearby Store"?
    • You can choose the most convenient store (out of 600+ stores across UAE) and we can deliver your order to the selected nearby store.

  • Wao! I will get my shipping fee refund?
    • Yes, we often have different promotional campaigns and we give a  refund of 100% shipping fee in your cash wallet. This shipping fee can be utilized to pay for any paid trial or any paid product listed. 

  • Can I use my wallet balance amount?
    • You can use this amount to pay for any paid trial pack or any paid product. You cannot pay the Shipping fee with this wallet balance. 

  • I don't have a credit card, can I pay cash on delivery?
    • We are trying to make it easier for you. Yes you can pay CoD in case you want to but please keep in mind, there might be an additional fee to facilitate the CoD orders.  

      If you select the option to get the delivery at the nearby store, in that case, you can pay the shipping fee at the outlet itself. 

      Also, some orders might not be eligible for the CoD facility. Please view your shopping cart for more details. 

  • What types of samples do you have?
    • We have all kinds of samples for you to Try Before You Buy

      Physical Products: Makeup, beauty care products, household cleaning products, health products, cat food, etc

      Services Samples: Yoga Session, Eye Test, Swimming Session, Cup of Coffee, etc

      Digital Samples: App Download, Game Life, etc