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Hamples simplifies & digitizes the process of sampling and makes it more efficient for Brands with the help of our unique AI-Based algorithm to match the right samples with the right customers.

Using our Audience Selection & Similar Audience option, Brands can use our platform to reach out to the most relevant audiences with their samples.

The digital activation process comes with a turnkey solution, wherein we handle Warehousing, Shipping, and Post-Trial Feedback & Analytics. Marketers, therefore, save both time and money, with Precision Targeting, increased Reach, and ease of Execution.

The system is designed to encourage intent-based trials and reduce wastage at every step.



Setup & Login

One time sign-up process for brands. Set up the account, register & login.

Upload Sample

Upload sample specifications & all related details including images, number of samples.

Audience Targeting

Target users based on age, gender, parental status, nationality, location, etc

Purchase Coupons

Offer discount coupons for the engaged users to make the engaged users buy full product.

Post Sampling Surveys

Conduct a post sampling survey to seek feedback, inputs & reviews from user.

Sample Redemption

Users login & select the samples. redeem, receive & experience the samples.



Hamples is a highly efficient digital sampling platform, which helps brands save their brand activation dollars, target the right set of consumers & stop pilferage of physical samples.

  • No Investment in Sampling related Brand
  • No Investment in Sampling Representatives
  • No Investment in Physical Store Partnerships
  • No More Location Dependency


    Our Advanced AI Based Audience Matching Tool, helps advertisers precisely target the users based on:

    • AGE
    • GENDER

    If you need more specific targeting options, users will be asked to fill out a demographic questionnaire in order to get matched with exclusive samples. Our premium targeting option will allow you to ask consumers qualifying questions to redeem exclusive samples.


    The conversation doesn’t have to end at the trial stage. Hamples Platform makes it easy for you to reach out to the audiences who have experienced your samples.

    Our Try-Vertising program comes with an option to launch Remarketing campaigns for engaged users. Advertise to the users who experienced your samples by showing Ads across devices & platforms. Hamples encourages and enables your engaged audiences to close the feedback loop (by filling surveys) & complete the purchase loop (by purchasing products that they liked and loved in the trial stage).


    Our Analytics Dashboard tracks the success of your Sampling program, showing insights on demographics, lifestyle habits, ratings, etc.

    Get detailed Analytics reports including Audience Size, Reach, Engagement (Impression, Click), Abandoned Cart, Orders, and more. Post Sampling Surveys & Feedbacks help brands gather important consumer feedback and co-create in-demand products with users. Anonymous Feedbacks are shared with the brands with detailed Reports/Analytics.


    The Hamples Platform has AI-Based security features that restrict multiple redemptions of a sample by the same user. Key Features include:

    • Maximum Quantity Limit Checks
    • Repeat Purchase Rules
    • Rules for usage of Credit Wallet Value
    • Coupon Redemption Rules

    With Hamples, you get a solution that restricts any possible misuse of samples.


    Hamples team can efficiently handle Warehousing, Storage, Logistics & Last-Mile Delivery.

    The moment your Sample is redeemed, our fulfillment team starts the process of getting your samples delivered to the user's doorstep seamlessly. We have also integrated a network of 1000+ parcel pick-up locations so that users never miss a delivery.

    If you have a product that is too fragile to ship, we’ll help you create a secure printed coupon redeemable in-store. Services & Digital Samples are instantly delivered to users in their email.

    Speak to a Sampling Expert

    Get one step closer to your customers, Speak to us to know how it works. We will walk you through our AI Based audience matching tool & set up a demo sampling campaign for you.