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  • By Hamples
  • •  Oct 25, 2021

Sampling has always been an important promotional tool for any CPG brand trying to break into consumers’ long-established buying behaviors. But, conventional Product Sampling methods (think supermarket canopies) involved substantial costs and were not very effective because of the ‘spray and pray’ approach. Besides being non-targeted, they lacked valuable consumer data insights. COVID-19 only intensified the shortcomings of traditional sampling methods, with 78% of consumers unwilling to try samples (or touch testers!) in-store.

As Shopify's Chief Product Officer, Craig Miller, said when the COVID-19 pandemic began "it almost became 2030 overnight." Brands who used to count on in-store sampling and experiential marketing at live events were looking for ways to reach their target audiences, but now they wanted to target them ‘in-home.’ What were once nice-to-have digital brand capabilities became brand must haves overnight, including digital product sampling.

Is your brand digitally ready? Are you ready to say goodbye to conventional sampling and say hello to new age digital product sampling? Try ‘Hamples’! Increase brand awareness, encourage trials, fetch early market feedback, and build brand loyalty.

Hamples helps brands create contactless, efficient, at-home product sampling campaigns. Hamples is perfect placed to fill the pre purchase decision making gap of every consumer. Try-vertising or Trial based Advertising lets your consumers experience your products firsthand - touch, feel, smell, taste, and try. Try-Vertising increases consumer confidence and purchase intention towards your product. Digital Sampling is the future of Brand Activation, with budgets and strategies expected to rise exponentially year on year. The ability to take brand activation right to the consumer’s doorsteps creates new value for brands and lets them connect and engage with consumers like never before.

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