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  • By Hamples
  • •  Jun 01, 2021

Why is in-home product sampling so beneficial for brands? Well, at the heart of product sampling is the belief that, by putting something directly into the hands of a consumer, you’re automatically increasing the chances of achieving a sale. And we’re not just talking about one sale here; in fact, you’re likelier to generate brand loyalty and the type of word-of-mouth marketing that creates a buzz around a range of items.

Product sampling has always been a go-to strategy for marketers to introduce their products to new audiences. But in-home product sampling? That takes things up a notch. For years, businesses have had to fight for customer attention. From TV commercials to billboards, flyers to magazine ads, companies have spent a fortune just trying to get their marketing message in front of the right people.

But now, thanks to how digital technology has revolutionized the world, customers are more accessible than ever before. And businesses can send customers product samples and actually get their brand inside of someone’s home – This is pretty powerful for a company as far as PR and brand awareness is concerned.

When people are in their own homes, they’re obviously more relaxed. When they’re more relaxed, they’re more receptive to new ideas… and new brands. When people are at home, it’s easier to get their attention. Rather than battling against all the different factors you’ll come up against outside (from the weather to time constraints, from the mall noise to the crowds..)

In-home sampling is based on the long-held premise that a more comfortable setting is more likely to result in a more meaningful interaction with a product. It’s a tactic that’s not going away, so is it time that your brand made its way into your audience’s home? Get started, launch your digital sampling campaign with Hamples.

Hamples is a new-age Digital Sampling Platform designed to simplify the product discovery process for customers and increase the efficiency of the sampling process for brands with the help of technology. We empower brands with TRY-vertising (trial based advertising).

 Get one step closer to your customers, Write to us to know how it works


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I like it

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