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  • By Hamples
  • •  May 07, 2021

Everyone loves to try new products. When done right, product sampling can increase sales dramatically and transform an uninterested shopper into a loyal customer.

As a new business/product, it is essential to find new ways to establish your product’s presence in the market, drive brand awareness, and boost your sales. To realize these goals, there’s one thing your business needs: to reach new customers. Product sampling is a highly effective way of doing that.

Intelligent Sampling with Hamples

  • Affordable: Digital Sampling with Hamples comes at a fraction of cost compared to traditional sampling in Malls or In-Store.
  • Targeted: With the help of our unique AI-Based algorithm, we match the right samples with the right customers.
  • Intent-Based Trials: When a user adds your sample to her cart, she really wants to try it. It reduces the wastage that comes from traditional sampling methods like door drops where your sample might reach a consumer who doesn’t really want it.
  • Turnkey Fulfillment: We handle Warehousing, Storage, Logistics & Last-Mile Delivery for you.

Ready to get your product sampling journey started? Start speaking to a product sampling expert today - it's never too early to start. There is no better way to meet your marketing objectives, find the right sampling strategy, and derive more value from your product sampling campaign. 

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HAMPLES (Happy Samples Fz LLC) - A new-age Digital Sampling Platform incubated at In5 Tech (TECOM ) Dubai


Tnx hamples im excited to get mine...

By: Maria theresa perez nakar
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I love hamplesd products

By: ahmed emad ismail
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