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  • By Hamples
  • •  May 17, 2021

Consumers love samples. Having the opportunity to try before buying frequently prompts a purchase. But it isn’t a process without friction. Sometimes trial campaigns are wasted on consumers who aren’t the right fit - for example a flowery scent sample in a magazine insert won’t appeal to a reader who prefers citrus notes. And then there’s the fact that the channels traditionally used to conduct sampling have completely changed in the new normal. Consumers spend more time shopping online and less time walking supermarket aisles. Sampling from open packs like a juice trial poured into small cups for tasting is not likely to come back even after the pandemic ends. Similarly, consumers are definitely not touching the beauty testers again. Traditional sampling has limitations to establish post sampling relationships with consumers and build brand loyalty.

Hamples was built to change the Sampling landscape. Hamples not only gives Brands the ability to choose who should get their free samples, but also lets consumers experience samples from the comfort of their homes. The idea is to connect, engage, delight and excite. In-home sampling drives acquisition, brand awareness and sales. The in-home sampling format ensures less wastage by only distributing sample products to consumers who ‘add to cart’ samples that they would like to try. Intent-based trials ensure cost-effectiveness and measurability, thereby amplifying the overall efficiency of sampling campaigns.

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HAMPLES (Happy Samples Fz LLC) - A new-age Digital Sampling Platform incubated at In5 Tech (TECOM ) Dubai


Thank you

By: Sayedsadak
Jan 02, 2022   Reply

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One of the world's best online platforms to buy quality products

By: Raj vaid
Nov 06, 2021   Reply

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Great initiative :)

By: Hiba Jahan
Sep 21, 2021   Reply

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I would love it if u bring lots of free samples snacks

By: Yasmeen
Sep 15, 2021   Reply

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Great app I recommend it to everyone

By: Lorana Aljamal
Sep 14, 2021   Reply

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I love this app … i wish for app the pest

By: Alaa
Sep 11, 2021   Reply

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So deliciously food item, Tea and honey offer are good. I love hamples so so much

By: Malak
Aug 31, 2021   Reply

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Products are all nice

By: Hanna grace
Aug 27, 2021   Reply

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“Getting free samples is great, getting the ones I actually want is even better! Got to experience the product which I wanted to buy

By: ahmed emad ismail
Aug 26, 2021   Reply

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Very good products that i need everyday ❤️ thanks Hamples

By: Nada heza
Aug 20, 2021   Reply

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I love hamples items

By: Ahmed emad
Aug 12, 2021   Reply

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Good done. Good luck

By: Amr Tawfik
Aug 11, 2021   Reply

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I love hamplesd products

By: Sumira yasin
Jul 08, 2021   Reply

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